Youth Building

      Tuesday: Dairy Day

o   Dairy trivia & fun facts

o   Check out a real cow skull

o   Make cup cow crafts

o   Make cow trail mix

      Wednesday: Sheep Day

o   Wool spinning demonstration starting at 2:00 p.m.

o   Make wool yarn bracelets

o   Make sheep cup crafts

o   Fun facts about sheep

      Thursday: Poultry & Plant Day

o   Make paper plant crafts

o   Make chicken & duck cup crafts

o   Fun facts about chickens & ducks

      Friday: Dog Day

o   Dog cup crafts

o   Munch away on puppy chow trail mix

      Saturday: “Your Choice” Day

o   Mixture of the Dairy, Sheep, Poultry, Plant, & Dog Days

o   Make cup crafts of cows, sheep, poultry & dogs

o   Paper plant crafts

o   Fun facts about the animals

o   Make trail mix


*      There will also be baby chicks and swimming ducks in the Youth Building daily

*      There will be FREE clover face painting on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

*      Come check out the 4-H Store and our NEW Lewis County 4-H t-shirts! J



Small Animal Building



o   Make a garden in a glove

o   Learn about growing vegetables and how to plant your growing seeds



o   Decorating flower pots to take home and take some flower seeds home to grow in your newly decorated pot

o   Learn about flowers and the plant life cycle



o   Decorate picture frames with flowers and farm animals

o   Learn about 4-H and how to join J



o   Make farm animal magnets (horse, cat, dog, cow, pig or sheep) to take home and put on your fridge

o   Learn facts about farming and animals found in the Small Animal Building



o   Animal Origami

o   Learn about different species of livestock and the animals

Here is a brief summary of each day with links to the schedule for that day. Don't forget to check out the many free shows, barn animals, exhibits and great food. Click on the links below for the daily schedule.  See you at the Fair!!


Come on down to the Fair for opening day. At 7:00 pm the Fair parade starts, find a spot on the Fair parade route and enjoy the bands, floats and other entries. After the parade come to the Fairgrounds see your friends, family and take in the sites. At around 10:30 pm the HUGE fireworks show will start.


The fun continues on Wednesday with Children's Day and Dairy Day activities.
Children's Day Wristband Special 
Tickets sold between Noon to 4:00 pm Good until 6:00 pm
4X4 Truck Pull on the Grandstand at 6:30pm Adults - $12 Children (6-12) $8


Thursday is Senior Citizens Day. There are many activities with the Senior in mind. Later the New York State Truck & Tractor Pull and Midnight Madness wristband will keep you entertained.


Friday is Childrens Day with wristband special and a concert on the Grandstand with The Outlaws and Greg Bates sponsored by AmeriCU Credit Union.
Wristband Special 
Tickets sold between Noon to 4:00 pm Good until 6:00 pm


Saturday is Family Day. The Demolition Derby highlights the day.