The Lewis County Dairy Princess Program promotes the dairy industry and represents the hardworking dairy farmers who work countless hours of diligent labor produce a pure and wholesome product: milk.

Who is involved?
2015-2016 Lewis County Dairy Princess:
Harley Hancock

Alternate Princess:
Kylie Spinner

Dairy Ambassadors:
Kiersten Hancock
Reegan Domagala
Chelsey Hancock

Junior Dairy Ambassadors:
Aubree Domagala
Hannah Raymond
Ella Sherman 
Megan Klossner

Mission: Promote the dairy industry to help individuals have a better understanding of the process of farm to table, positive farming management practices, the dedication and diligent labor necessary from dairy farmers, and the proper care of the animals. In addition, educate the public on the importance of dairy products in their daily diets to provide them with enjoyment and health benefits.