With its many facilities, the Lewis County Fairgrounds is available to host a wide variety of events.

The fairgrounds have over 10 acres of property and includes:

  • Winter storage available
  • Large exhibit building
  • A covered grandstand
  • Forest Park Pavilion
  • An outside lighted horse arena
  • Modern restrooms with showers
  • Paved streets
  • Camping hook-ups
  • Livestock penning:
    • Horse barns
    • Cattle barn
    • Milking parlor
    • Small animal building
  • Portable and fixed stages
  • Large play ground
  • Numerous sports fields
  • Lighted Football/Soccer field
  • Additional items available at the fair grounds:
    • Picnic tables
    • Folding tables
    • Portable bleachers
For more information about renting the Lewis County Fairgrounds for your event, please contact:

Doug Hanno
7740 Dewitt Street
Lowville, NY 13367
Telephone: 315-376-6380
Email:  dhanno@twcny.rr.com

Download and print by clicking on this link.  Facilities Use Agreement


1.    Organizations wishing to use facilities at Lewis County Fair Grounds shall first apply to the Grounds Superintendent on the prescribed form. The Superintendent has final authority on approval.

2.    In the event of inclement weather, the Superintendent or his designee has final authority on whether facilities are usable.

3.    All posted rules must be adhered to.

4.    Profanity, objectionable language, disorderly acts or illegal activities of any kind are absolutely prohibited, and those violating this prohibition will be ejected from the premises.

5.    Any damage to facilities or property shall be promptly repaired at the users expense. No exceptions. If maintenance personnel are not available, make sure all doors are locked and lights are turned out when leaving.

6.    Organizations using the facilities must clean up afterwards.

7.    Permits may be revoked at any time.

8.    Any organizations with youth under 18 years old requires the presence of adequate adult supervision at all times.

9.    When required by Lewis County Agricultural Society, users must provide the following insurance prior to using the facilities.

        Commercial Users:

        A.    The user hereby agrees to effectuate the naming of the Lewis County Agricultural Society as an unrestricted additional insured on the user's policy.

        B.    The user agrees to indemnify the Lewis County Agricultural Society for any applicable deductibles.

        C.    Enclose a copy of the endorsement providing additional insured status.

        D.    Required Insurance:

               Commercial General Liability Insurance
               $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate.

        E.    User acknowledges that failure to obtain such insurance on behalf of the Lewis County Agricultural Society constitutes a material breach of contract and subjects it to liability for damages, indemnification and all other legal remedies available to the Lewis County Agricultural Society. The user is to provide the Lewis County Agricultural Society with a certificate of insurance, evidencing the above requirements have been met. The failure of the Lewis County Agricultural Society to object to the contents of the certificate or the absence of it shall not to be deemed a waiver of any and all rights held by the Lewis County Agricultural Society.


                 Homeowners Insurance

                 Section Two-Liability: $100,000 limit of liability. Policy shall not exclude the off-premises activities of the insured.