Essenlohr Chevrolet-Olds, Inc. 
Gerald A. Nortz, Inc 
Monnat's Country Store
Good Ol' Wishy's
Shaw's Sales & Service
Eddie's Meat Market
Monnat & Nortz Service Station 
H&L Motors 

Lowville Business Association
Carl Freeman Insurance Agency
Demko Dairy
Double "B" Contracting
John & Barb Nortz
LR Farms LLC
Lynn Stacy Lyndaker
Margery Smith
Mike and Bonnie Murphy
New York Pizzeria
S & S Foaming LLC
Steve Hirschey Nighthawks DJ
Terry Groff Towing


Brian & Marcia Shambo
Matt & Windy Klossner
Pat Stocking

Agency Specialist

Coleman Bros. Midway 
National Grid

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group Watertown 
Mountain View Prevention Services/Reality Check

Total Returns 

Campany & Young Law Firm
New York Pizzeria

Ross Plumbing & Repair

Terry Groff Towing
Virkler Construction
Widrick Electrical, Inc

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<a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Total  Returns">Total   Returns</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Parks  Breezy  Knoll">Parks  Breezy  Knoll</a><br>

<a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Coleman  Bros. Shows">Coleman Bros.  Shows</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Mountain  View  Prevention Services, Inc.">Mountain View Prevention  Services,  Inc.</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Reality  Check">Reality  Check</a><br> <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Farneys  Home  & Building Center">Farneys Home &  Building  Center</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"    title="Hannos Hometown Car Wash">Hannos Hometown  Car  Wash</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Pepsi  Cola  Bottling Group Watertown">Pepsi Cola Bottling  Group  Watertown</a><br>    <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Lee  Pontiac  Buick GMC">Lee Pontiac  Buick  GMC</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Virkler  Wood  Finishing">Virkler  Wood  Finishing</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"    title="Memories  Resuraunt">Memories  Resuraunt</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Walldroff  Farm  Equipment, Inc.">Walldroff Farm  Equipment,  Inc.</a><br>   <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="National  Grid">National   Grid</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Boonville  Herald  Newspaper">Boonville Herald  Newspaper</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Affordable  Technical  Solutions">Affordable  Technical  Solutions</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Caskinettes  Lofink  Ford">Caskinettes  Lofink  Ford</a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Hemmerichs  Tree  Service">Hemmerichs Tree  Service</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Lewis  Lanes">Lewis  Lanes</a><br> Michael & Bonnie  Murphy<br> <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Key  Bank,  NA">Key Bank,  NA</a><br>      <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Journal  &  Republican Newspaper">Journal &  Republican  Newspaper</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Mikes  Appliances">Mikes   Appliances</a><br>  Martin & Shirley  Beyer<br>    Steve Hirschey Nighthaks DJ<br>  Pat  Stocking<br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="StephenH.  Vargulick,  CPA">StephenH. Vargulick,  CPA</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Tughill  Vineyards">Tughill   Vineyards</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Kinney  Drugs  Pharmacy">Kinney Drugs Pharmacy</a><br>  <a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Agency Specialists ">Agency Specialists </a><br><a  href=""  target="_blank"  title="Seniors Helping Seniors">Seniors Helping Seniors </a>