2019 Volunteers

Thank you for all of your hard work and support over the many years!

Volunteer of the Year 2019


Board Of Directors

Associate Directors

Special Thanks

2019 Standing Committees

Advertising & Publicity: Kevin Kent (Chair), Tina Lanier, Dave Schulz, Jasmine Coffman

Beautification: Nancy Padden (Chair), Wayne & Kathy Birchenough, Sharon Boshart, Chris Bush, Larry Bush, Ralph Chase, Dale Clarke, Patrick Kelly, Mike Nuffer, Matt O’Connor, Eugene Pomerville, Jack Ross, Doug O’Connor, Linda Zehr

Board of Managers: Doug Hanno (Chair), Kevin Kent, Susan Berrus, Jim Randall, John Burr

(Entertainment Chairman) Eugene Pomerville (Grounds Superintendent)

Carnival: Doug Hanno (Chair), Tim Bush, Kevin Kent, Matt O’Connor, Jim Randall

Concessions: Dave Sundquist (Chair), Patrick Kelly, Bill Kiernan, Jim Randall, Mike Watson

Corporate Sponsors: Gary Rosiczkowski, (Chair), Jasmine Coffman, Sharon Boshart, Tina Lanier, Nancy Padden, Dave Schulz

Emergency Management: Tim Bush (Chair), John Burr, Larry Bush, Cathy Berry, Bill Kiernan, Matt O’Connor

Entertainment: John Burr (Chair), Kevin Kent (Co-Chair), Susan Berrus, Larry Bush, Dale Clarke, Patrick Kelly, Bill Kiernan, Tina Lanier, Sue O’Brien, Bruce Rohr, Tom Williams, Keith Zehr

Finance: Kevin Kent (Chair), Tim Bush, Bill Kiernan, Jim Randall, Mike Young

Food Stand: Sue O’Brien (Chair), Nancy Padden (Co-Chair) Cathy Berry, Sharon Boshart, Chris Bush, Bill Kiernan, Betty Ann Woodard, Linda Zehr

Grounds & Grounds Improvement: Eugene Pomerville (Chair), Larry Bush, Dale Clarke, Wayne Birchenough, Tim Bush, Patrick Kelly, Bill Nortz, Matt O’Connor, Doug O’Connor, Mark O’Connor, Nancy Padden, Dave Schulz, David Sundquist, Jack Ross, Mike Watson

Harness Racing: Brenda Wilmot (Secretary & Chair), Tim Bush, Billie Wilmot

Planning Committee: Jack Ross (Chair), Sue Berrus, Wayne Birchenough, Dale Clarke, Paul Denise, Patrick Kelly, Bill Nortz, Sue O’Brien, Matt O’Connor, Michael Young

2019 Miscellaneous Committees

Antique Display & Exhibits: Albert Higby (Chair), Jim Hall, Steve Hirschey, Winifred Clark, Brenda Wilmot

Fireman’s Parade: Doug Hanno & Lewis County Chamber of Commerce

Floral Hall/Culinary Arts Grange: Sheree Lyndaker (Chair), Susan Berrus, Kathy Birchenough, Chris Bush, Linda Zehr

Parking: Tim Bush (Chair), Bernie Bush, Sharon Boshart, Paul Brown, Patrick Kelly

Premium Book: Susan Berrus (Chair), Jim Randall, Lewis County Cooperative Extension

Race Track Maintenance: Larry Bush (Chair), Tim Bush, Bernie Bush, Jack Bush, Dale Clarke, Steve Hirschey, Patrick Kelly, Matt O’Connor, Tom Williams, Billie Wilmot

2019 Departments

4-H Exhibits Building: Kathy Lehman, Wayne Birchenough

4-H Horses & Open: Betty Ann Woodard, Paul Brown, Sheila Ortlieb, Kristen Lee, Donald Burgy, Flossie Malbouf

4-H Open & Vo-Ag Cattle: Jack Ross (Chair), Bruce Rohr, Gary Rosiczkowski,

4-H Small Animal: Michele Ledoux

Auditor: Kevin Kent

Baby Show: Linda Zehr, Sue Kiernan

Dairy Industry Building: Gary Rosiczkowski (Chair), Laura McCallops, Bruce Rohr, Brien Tabolt, Peggy Murray, Bill Dosztan, Jen Karelus, Elaine Rosiczkowski

Dog Show: Maggie Bauer, Shannon Reed

Draft Horse Show: Betty Ann Woodard, Thomas Kovach, Paul Brown, Randy Nichol

Entry Department: Jim Randall, Susan Berrus

Historian: Jesse Schantz

Information Booth: Julie Berry (Chair), Cathy Berry, Wayne Birchenough

Legal Counsel: Michael Young

Legislature Representative: Richard Chartrand

Policing: Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, Lowville Village Police, New York State Police, Lewis County Fire Police

School Activities / Exhibits

Senior Activities: Kelly Hecker (Office for the Aging)

Talent Contest: Carmen Sweet, Jasmine Coffman

Treasurer’s Office: Jim Randall, Donna Skiff, Kay Laribee, Hope Scouten, Amy Kolenda