2019 Volunteers

Thank you for all of your hard work and support over the many years!

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the Lewis County Agricultural Society dedicate the 199th edition of the Lewis County Premium Book to Susan Berrus.

Sue remembers as a child trying to “get her Dad moving” so they could get to the Lewis County Fair each year. As a farmer’s daughter, it was the only summer vacation they would get. Following her brother Doug’s footsteps, Sue became a director in 2002 and was elected Secretary in December 2010 and has been re elected each year since then.

As Secretary, Sue is busy the entire year. She does an excellent job of taking detailed minutes of all meetings and distributing to board members, along with handling various correspondence. One of her biggest responsibilities each year is organizing the Premium Book, beginning with a selection of a theme for the current year’s fair, incorporating any changes from the various departments, overseeing the dedication (except this year) and getting to the printer. As Secretary Sue oversees the Entry Clerk and all the judging competitions helping when needed to make sure everything gets processed correctly. She maintains an inventory of ribbons for all the different departments. Much of Sue’s work is done before fair getting things in place to ensure fair week will run smoothly. During fair week Sue can be found assisting wherever help is needed.

As Secretary Sue is on the Board of Managers and is also a member of the Entertainment Committee. She assists the Corporate Sponsor Committee and is always willing to jump in if any other committee is looking for assistance.

Sue is married to Gary Berrus and they ran a family farm together for many years. Gary can often be seen helping with repairs or construction projects on the fairgrounds. Sue and Gary have three daughters, Lisa, Kim, and Julie and eight grandchildren. Family is very important to them and their grandchildren love coming home to go the fair each year. Sue is also very active at St. Peter’s Church in Lowville, serving as President of St. Theresa’s Guild, chairs their “Loaves and Fishes” program and is co-chair of the hamburger and hot dog stand at their annual church festival.

It is evident by Sue’s positive “can do attitude” and willingness to help out wherever is needed that Lewis County Fair is “in her blood” and we are glad she is part of our organization. Thank you, Sue, for your years of dedication to the Lewis County Agricultural Society.

Board Of Directors

  • Douglas Hanno, President
  • Kevin Kent, Vice-President
  • Susan M. Berrus, Secretary
  • James Randall, Treasurer
  • Wayne Birchenough
  • Sharon Boshart
  • John W. Burr
  • Larry Bush
  • Timothy Bush
  • Dale Clark
  • Albert Higby
  • Steve Hirschey
  • Patrick Kelly
  • William Kiernan
  • Sheree Lyndaker
  • Sue O’Brien
  • Matthew O’Connor
  • Nancy Padden
  • Bruce Rohr
  • Gary Rosiczkowski
  • Orrin J. Ross
  • David Schulz
  • David Sundquist
  • Michael Young

Associate Directors

  • Paul Brown
  • Bernard Bush
  • Chris Bush
  • Ralph Chase
  • Jasmine Coffman
  • Paul Denise
  • Julie Berry
  • Darrin Kuntz
  • Tina Lanier
  • Jackie Mahoney
  • Dawn Meyers
  • William Nortz
  • Doug O’Connor
  • Mark O’Connor
  • Wilbur Stanford Jr
  • Mike Watson
  • Barry Widrick
  • Thomas Williams
  • Billie Wilmot
  • Betty Ann Woodard
  • Keith Zehr
  • Linda Zehr


  • Cathy Berry
  • Bonnie Murphy
  • Michael Nuffer
  • Eugene Pomerville
  • Timothy Reagan
  • Jesse Schantz
  • Brenda Wilmot

2019 Standing Committees

Advertising & Publicity: Kevin Kent (Chair), Jasmine Coffman, Tina Lanier, Dave Schulz

Beautification: Nancy Padden (Chair), Wayne & Kathy Birchenough, Sharon Boshart, Chris Bush, Larry Bush, Ralph Chase, Dale Clarke, Patrick Kelly, Mike Nuffer, Matt O’Connor, Eugene Pomerville, Jack Ross, Doug O’Connor, Linda Zehr

Board of Managers: Doug Hanno (Chair), Kevin Kent, Susan Berrus, Jim Randall, John Burr (Entertainment Chair), Eugene Pomerville (Grounds Superintendent)

Carnival: Doug Hanno (Chair), Tim Bush, Kevin Kent, Matt O’Connor, Jim Randall

Concessions: Dave Sundquist (Chair), Patrick Kelly, Bill Kiernan, Bill Nortz, Jim Randall, Mike Watson

Corporate Sponsors: Gary Rosiczkowski, (Chair), Jasmine Coffman, Sharon Boshart, Tina Lanier, Nancy Padden, Dave Schulz

Emergency Management: Tim Bush (Chair), John Burr, Larry Bush, Cathy Berry, Bill Kiernan, Matt O’Connor

Entertainment: John Burr (Chair), Kevin Kent (Co-Chair), Susan Berrus, Larry Bush, Dale Clarke, Patrick Kelly, Bill Kiernan, Tina Lanier, Sue O’Brien, Bruce Rohr, Tom Williams, Keith Zehr

Finance: Kevin Kent (Chair), Tim Bush, Bill Kiernan, Jim Randall, Mike Young

Food Stand: Sue O’Brien (Chair), Nancy Padden (Co-Chair) Cathy Berry, Sharon Boshart, Chris Bush, Bill Kiernan, Betty Ann Woodard, Linda Zehr

Grounds & Grounds Improvement: Eugene Pomerville (Chair), Larry Bush, Dale Clarke, Wayne Birchenough, Tim Bush, Patrick Kelly, Bill Nortz, Matt O’Connor, Doug O’Connor, Mark O’Connor, Nancy Padden, Dave Schulz, David Sundquist, Jack Ross, Mike Watson

Harness Racing: Brenda Wilmot (Secretary & Chair), Tim Bush, Billie Wilmot

Planning Committee: Jack Ross (Chair), Sue Berrus, Wayne Birchenough, Dale Clarke, Paul Denise, Patrick Kelly, Bill Nortz, Sue O’Brien, Matt O’Connor, Michael Young

2019 Miscellaneous Committees

Antique Display & Exhibits: Albert Higby (Chair), Jim Hall, Steve Hirschey, Winifred Clark, Brenda Wilmot

Fireman’s Parade: Doug Hanno & Lewis County Chamber of Commerce

Floral Hall/Culinary Arts: Sheree Lyndaker (Chair), Susan Berrus, Kathy Birchenough, Chris Bush

Grange: Linda Zehr

Parking: Tim Bush (Chair), Bernie Bush, Sharon Boshart, Paul Brown, Patrick Kelly

Premium Book: Susan Berrus (Chair), Jim Randall, Lewis County Cooperative Extension

Race Track Maintenance: Larry Bush (Chair), Tim Bush, Bernie Bush, Jack Bush, Dale Clarke, Steve Hirschey, Patrick Kelly, Matt O’Connor, Tom Williams, Billie Wilmot

2019 Departments

4-H Exhibits Building: Kathy Lehman, Wayne Birchenough

4-H Horses & Open: Betty Ann Woodard, Paul Brown, Sheila Ortlieb, Kristen Lee, Donald Burgy, Flossie Malbouf

4-H Open & Vo-Ag Cattle: Jack Ross (Chair), Bruce Rohr, Gary Rosiczkowski,

4-H Small Animal: Michele Ledoux

Auditor: Kevin Kent

Baby Show: Linda Zehr, Sue Kiernan

Dairy Industry Building: Gary Rosiczkowski (Chair), Laura McCallops, Bruce Rohr, Brien Tabolt, Peggy Murray, Bill Dosztan, Jen Karelus, Elaine Rosiczkowski

Dog Show: Maggie Bauer, Shannon Reed

Draft Horse Show: Betty Ann Woodard, Thomas Kovach, Paul Brown, Randy Nichol

Entry Department: Jim Randall, Susan Berrus

Historian: Jesse Schantz

Information Booth: Julie Berry (Chair), Cathy Berry, Wayne Birchenough

Legal Counsel: Michael Young

Legislature Representative: Richard Chartrand

Policing: Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, Lowville Village Police, New York State Police, Lewis County Fire Police

School Activities / Exhibits

Senior Activities: Kelly Hecker (Office for the Aging)

Talent Contest: Carmen Sweet, Jasmine Coffman

Treasurer’s Office: Jim Randall, Donna Skiff, Kay Laribee, Hope Scouten, Amy Kolenda