The Lewis County Agricultural Society Announces a New Slate Of Officers.

Lowville, NY. December 9th, 2021, The Lewis County Agricultural Society announced today the appointment of a new President and Vice President to the Board of Directors.

At the annual Board meeting held on Tuesday, December 7th Matt O'Connor was voted in as the new President. Matt has been serving on the board of directors since 2008 and is following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Harry O’Connor, who served as the President of the Lewis County Agricultural Society for 28 years. “I am excited about the 2022 fair” said Matt “and I look forwards to working together to produce another great fair for all to enjoy”

Patrick Kelly was voted into the role of Vice President. Patrick has been on the board of directors since 2018. Patrick can usually be found on the track helping during motor events and is always willing to help wherever he is needed.

Doug Hanno, who served as president for the last 8 years won't be going too far. “After being on the board for close to 3 decades, I plan on staying on as a director.” Doug Said, “Once you get the fair in your blood, it's hard to step away completely”. Outgoing Vice President Kevin Kent will also remain on the board and is vice-chair of the entertainment committee. Susan Berrus and James Randall will remain in their positions of Secretary and Treasurer.

The Lewis County Agricultural Society also welcomed new associate directors Jamie Cook, John Scoville, Zachary Sitko, Gabe Sullivan, and Ryan Wood.

The LCAS is planning and preparing for the 2022 fair. Be on the lookout for special announcements for entertainment, new contests, and more on our Facebook page and website.

Matt O'Connor with his daughters Nicole and Alyssa and his mother, Donna, at the 200th Lewis County Fair.